Allergy Testing And Treatment

The human body is made out of such complex structures and components that it’s hard for a layman to understand it. It’s especially astonishing how the environment can affect it. Some people are immune to a variety of different environments yet some get allergies. Even a minor change in their routine, dietary habits or weather affects them and they get an allergy, for example, cigarette smoke can cause sneezing and runny nose in some people, eating peanuts may cause itching or skin rashes, humid weather can cause an asthma attack.

Allergy is basically a disorder of the immune system here the body reacts negatively to otherwise harmless substances that are present in the environment. Some allergies last only for minutes and do not cause serious harm while others can be life threatening, especially those related to the respiratory track.  In order to avoid serious problems, an allergy specialist must be consulted. Even if you are unaware of substances that trigger a reaction in your body, the allergy specialist would guide you with help of a food allergy test. According to a survey, 25% of people around the world suffer from food allergies and they are oblivious of this fact. Food allergy testing can identify the problematic foods around you, thus you can stay away from reactive symptoms.

Biofeedback is an effective way that can locate and treat allergies using the Nano SRT technique. In this method, an external device called the Focus is clipped usually to the collar and it sends digital signals that mimics allergen that you want to test for. Electrodes are attached to the fingers with clips that are attached to the Nano SRT machine. The focus then test the body reaction to possible allergic foods, pollen or any environmental chemical, using its database of over 50000 stressors. It can also tell the potency of bodily harm done by each tested allergen on a scale. Nano SRT machine uses involuntary body responses through eeg measurements to find how body reacts to being exposed to various allergens. It uses a technique called Galvanic Skin Response measurement (this measurement is loosely based on EEG test) to achieve this. It then uses Infrasound (sounds you can not hear) to train the brain not to react to being exposed to the allergen in the same way. There are many allergy testing Calgary clinics with certified allergy specialists who can implement these biofeedback techniques and pinpoint all the troublesome environmental factors around you so that you can avoid them and live a peaceful healthy life.